What We Do

Alare Technologies provides end-to-end innovative solutions for military, civil and commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). We specialize in developing proof-of-concept (POC) demonstration and transition to low rate initial production (LRIP). Alare has what it takes to solve your most demanding technical challenges, on time and within budget.

AL-1, Air Launched UAS

Sierra Nevada Corporation, IMS
AL-1 is an air launched, versatile, multi-hour endurance, ISR UAS with extremely low observables. It has been successfully deployed from a variety of manned and unmanned aircraft at the extremes of altitude and speed. The AL-1 light-weight composite airframe folds down to fit inside a compact canister which is used for both storage and deployment. AL-1 autonomously deploys flight surfaces and transitions to flight after being deployed from a host platform. (TRL 7)


TL-1, Tube Launched UAS

Defense Innovation Unit
TL-1 is a miniature tube launched UAS being developed to extremely challenging volumetric packaging and mass constraints while delivering on demanding performance requirements. The TL-1 airframe automatically unfolds and transitions to flight after exiting the launch tube. (TRL 5 – 7)


MX-4, Heavy-Lift Man-Portable VTOL UAS

AlareTech IRAD
The MX-4 is a multi-purpose, backpackable multi-rotor UAS capable of carrying a variety of payloads greater than 20 lbs for over 20 minutes, or payloads in excess of 5 lbs for over 60 minutes with an operational ceiling greater than 10,000 feet. Payloads can either be attached to the airframe or lifted as a slung load on a tether. The airframe folds to a compact size to fit inside a backpack and can be readied for flight in 60 seconds. (TRL 6)

Commercial Multi-Rotor

HLX-4, Commercial Heavy-Lift Multi-Rotor UAS

Proprietary Customer
AlareTech has developed and delivered 32 aircraft to a proprietary customer that has accomplished nearly 6,000 flights to date (through 2019) with greater than 98% reliability. The HLX-4 has demonstrated flight operations with commercially viable payloads, flight distances and environmental conditions at density altitudes up to 9,500 feet. (TRL 7)