BLADE – Ballistic Loitering Attack DronE

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BLADE-55 is a portable Group 2 multi-role, weaponized VTOL SUAS designed for versatility, reliability and ease of use:

  • Extremely lower cost per shot.
  • Re-usable and re-loadable.
  • Effective against hard and soft targets.
  • Engage two targets per flight.
  • Provides ISR and BDA.
  • 20 lbs payload capacity for resupply.
  • GPS denied area capable.
  • Open system architecture.

BLADE is currently at TRL 7. Flight performance, safety, accuracy and effects on target have been demonstrated using the Spiral 2 design with off-the-shelf M72 LAW munitions. Live fire test approvals were obtained from the AF Airworthiness and Safety Review Boards in addition to the AF Non-Nuclear Munitions Safety Board (JOTP-52, MIL-STD-331D, and MIL-STD-810H). BLADE uses an Alare Tech developed autopilot and fire control system. Contact Alare Tech for specifications and additional information.